Hi, this is the part of the website where I waffle on about myself.  I suppose it is a good idea to know a little about the person you are going to use as your photographer.

I am a published UK based photographer, who resides very close to London.

I love photography (hopefully that is obvious by looking at the images I produce) and my favourite subject matter is people.  The people photography I specialise in can take the form of portraiture, fashion and performing arts. When i create a portrait I am well aware that each individual has a story and I like to try and capture that in the images I produce.  Fashion is another area that I enjoy enormously and it is often very collaborative in nature, combining the talents of designers,  stylists, hair stylists,  make up artists, assistants as well as me as the photographer.  Performing arts often requires me to work with interesting stage lighting and be very aware of the action unfolding to make sure that I capture the key moments.  In addition to these main areas I also embark on personal photographic projects that allow my creativity to have free reign.

One final thought I would like to share here is my approach to photography is to value the subject highly.  In other words a good working relationship with the person in front of my camera and creativity are far more important to me than the equipment being used.

Tim Copsey happy with cake and camera by Tom Humble
Tim Copsey happy with cake and camera by Tom Humble